Problems in Hunting Today

Although I usually start this off with a Bible verse, this post is going to be a little different. This time I’m probably just going to bore you with a 500 word rant but maybe y’all will gain something from it, so here we go.

First and foremost, I love the outdoors and hunting with all my heart.  At least once a day I’m calling or texting one of the guys I hunt with about something hunting related. It could be anything from trying to get together one day this week to hunt or where we should set up next time or that I found a new spot we should check out, honestly it could be about literally anything because I’m always thinking about something hunting related. I even texted a guy yesterday just so we could think about names for a buck he got on camera that we are going to try to get after this year.

I can’t tell you how many times I open my laptop to do an assignment and realize 20 minutes later that I’ve been looking at new duck calls or new tips or tricks for my next hunt. The internet is a great tool for us hunters because we can look at new places to hunt, new gear to buy, check the weather, and often times in the process find exactly what NOT to do. Nothing makes me more mad than seeing hateful comments about someone’s deer because they may have hunted or killed it in a way different than other people. Guys, hunting is hard. Why wouldn’t you give yourself every (legal) advantage that you could?

I saw a comment last night on a video about one of the largest bucks ever taken on video, The Joe Franz buck from Iowa, and people were commenting “Oh it had corn in it, you shouldn’t bait deer, ” “He killed it with a muzzleloader, what a shame…” Uh… excuse me? First of all, the farm had corn fields planted on it…it’s Iowa… half the state is corn fields. Of course the deer are going to eat it, that isn’t baiting deer. Also, as long as corn is placed out of sight and at least 100 yards away, it’s perfectly legal to use as an attractant if you choose to use it. Second of all, a muzzleloader is about as primitive as it gets in today’s time outside of using a longbow or a spear. Muzzleloaders have come a long way from a flintlock musket sure, however, you get one shot before the deer runs off and it’s going to take nearly a full minute to reload. Instead of hating on fellow hunters for doing things differently, why don’t we build up the people who share our interests and congratulate them?

I see people who go a little too overboard in hunting these days too. Just because Michael Waddell or Mark Drury has a certain grunt call or decoy, they think they have to have it to kill deer too. While these things can certainly be effective, you don’t have to go to your local sporting goods store and buy the newest model or edition of everything they have in stock. The best tools you can take into the woods are preparation and patience. Scouting, putting time and work in, and proper herd management will help your property hold bigger and better deer than anything you can buy in a store I promise.

Okay sorry, rant over now. Just do things the right way and build others up instead of tear them down. We outdoorsmen have to stick together to preserve our passions and that can’t happen if we don’t work together.


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